You know the place. Fresh coffee is served before you can even take your jacket off, the pancakes are fluffy and the scrambled eggs are like springtime clouds. It’s a great model that as business owners we must apply to our own businesses.

A great diner will provide you with comfort food served hot and with a smile for a fair price. Whether you are manufacturing widgets, processing tax returns, or selling anything from high-end automobiles to software as a service, your customers are the same ones who want their waffles hot and their syrup warm. Good diners usually have long-time, loyal, friendly employees who know your eggs are always over-medium and your toast is wheat…with the butter on the side. They serve your breakfast as if the magic fairy had called them ten minutes before you arrived heralding your impending visit.

The common denominator in successful enterprise is always the team. From the happy hostess who smiles and gets you to your favorite table as soon as you step in the door to a server who never misses a beat on your ‘special order’, to the short-order cook who can beautifully feed a small herd in 15 minutes, great people are the key to a successful diner. Great people are and will always be the key to success or the rocket ship to disaster for your business.

Marcus Lemonis, business consultant and CEO of Camping World, incessantly (Love you, Marcus!) reminds us that PEOPLE, PROCESSES and PRODUCT are the keys factors to business success. I would add though, that PEOPLE design and improve your processes and products. The peeps are the hub of your wheel. With all three divine ‘P’s, business success is guaranteed.

Load your payroll register with the best talent you can lay your hands on (yes, you can call us for help tracking-down your next ‘A’ player). Your goal for 2016 should be to recruit Superstar after Superstar on to your team. You won’t regret it for a second.

Be a good server to your clients. Serve your product or service up warm and tasty and WITH HEART. You will reap rewards in 2016 you never dreamed possible.