About Susan Moreno

Susan Moreno is the Chief Executive Officer of CVirtual, Inc., a Reno-based Executive and Technical Recruiting firm. After a successful career in hospitality spanning 25 years, Susan's entrepreneurial spirit led her to the creation of CVirtual with husband David Crumbley in 2013. Together they share the vision of connecting great companies with game-changing talent locally and nationwide. Using the latest video interviewing technologies, CVirtual improves and streamlines the hiring process and provides their client base access to talent pools which might otherwise be unavailable. Susan holds a Bachelor's Degree in Economics and French and is proud to have been named the 2015 Technology Entrepreneur of the Year by NCET.

NCET Tech Tips: Attracting tech talent takes more than free bagels

NCET explores business and technology

By all accounts the tech sector in Northern Nevada is booming, and just as the floodgates on our beloved Truckee River are wide open, so are the floodgates on local hiring. Recent reports cite hiring “sprees” and point to a worsening labor crunch. As local businesses replace talent or hire for expansion in […]

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Employee Retention: Tips and Tricks

Losing a key employee sucks.  It’s expensive and it’s a time drain. […]

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Independence Day & Hiring

Ready for Independence Day?  On July 4th we’ll celebrate 240 years of American Independence but as a Hiring Manager are you ready for your very own Independence Day?

Are you ready to be free from hiring hassles including identifying candidates, calling, emailing, scheduling, leaving voicemails, calling, emailing (again!), scheduling, calling, re-scheduling, phone-screening, calling, leaving (yet another) […]

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Is your candidate worth his or her salt? 2 minutes to help effectively vet your candidates’ professional references.

You’re watching payroll dollars like a hawk. Before committing to add a new person to your roster you interview them multiple times and believe you have identified your next superstar. Time to check references. Properly vetting your candidates can give you added confidence before signing off on your candidate’s offer letter

Originally the term ‘to vet’ was applied […]

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“Can’t make the deadline. Sorry.’

Ever heard that? […]

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How to Hire Top Talent on a Budget

Your startup needs great talent if it’s going to succeed, but that doesn’t mean you have the bankroll to fund the salaries top-talent commands. How can you get the candidates you need to turn down higher offers from more established companies? Consider offering incentives your competitors may not have considered. Even the most highly-sought after candidates may be willing to consider a pay cut for great benefits and a company they believe in. […]

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How to Develop and Maintain Your Vision in Your Grown-Up Start-Up

If there’s one thing start-ups have in spades, it’s vision. If they didn’t, most of them wouldn’t make it through the first six months. Chances are, you know what you want your business to represent in the world: quality products, impeccable service and relationships. […]

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How to Shorten Time to Hire

New talent is the lifeblood of your business. Whether your business is expanding its operations or seeking to replace key players, finding the right people when you need them can be the difference between exciting growth and stagnation. What’s more, as unemployment rates continue to drop, it is becoming increasingly clear that we are operating in a candidate’s market. Unnecessary delays or onboarding obstacles can easily prove fatal. Yet, studies show that time-to-hire is increasing across all industries, going from 12.6 days in 2010 to more than 20 days in 2014. Here are some things you can do to keep your hiring time down and get the people you need in place quickly to keep your business thriving. […]

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How to Ask the Right Questions at Your Next Job Interview

“And what questions do you have for me?”, asked the interviewer… […]

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How to Focus Your Recruiting Strategy on Passive Candidates–and Why You Need to

The old adage “anything is for sale at the right price” may not apply to precious family heirlooms, but it almost always applies to employees. Most of your applicants know they are for sale—they are actively looking for work, which usually means they are either not happy at their last (or current) job, or their previous employer was not happy with their performance, which could mean bad news for you out of the starting gate. […]

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