Employee Retention: Tips and Tricks

Losing a key employee sucks.  It’s expensive and it’s a time drain. […]

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“Can’t make the deadline. Sorry.’

Ever heard that? […]

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Is Your Team Ready to Win the Stanley Cup?

With the 2016 Stanley Cup playoff season well underway, now seems like a perfect time to reflect on how we might apply a few ice hockey principles to our ‘best business practices’. In ice hockey as in all championship sports, in order to remain competitive, teams must remain full, strong and engaged. […]

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How to Ask the Right Questions at Your Next Job Interview

“And what questions do you have for me?”, asked the interviewer… […]

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How to Nail Your Video Interview and Land Your Dream Job

As more and more companies are starting to use video interviewing technology to streamline their hiring process, knowing how to perform on camera is becoming an indispensable skill for most job seekers. The experience can be intimidating if you’ve never done one before, but it doesn’t have to cost you your dream job. […]

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How Can You Close the Gender Pay Gap?

Women have come a long way since we first entered the workforce in mass in the middle of the last century. We have achieved higher overall earning potential, improved pay and opportunities, better working conditions and protection from harassment and higher rates of promotion and career advancement all around compared to even just ten years ago. And yet… while huge advances have been made, the race for gender pay equality is far from over. […]

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Lessons from Google: Turning Game-Changing Talent into a Winning Team

Recruiting top talent to join your team is essential to moving your business forward and reaching your full potential, but adding star players to your lineup is only part of the process. More work is required to take full advantage of your new talent as well as make the most of your existing staff. Corporate trailblazer Google recently undertook a massive study of exactly what qualities make for the most successful teams, and their conclusions might surprise you. […]

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