How Twitter Has Changed the Recruiting Game

In a recent presentation, CVirtual went over social media and how it is benefiting the recruiting industry. When we brought up that 40% of job seekers are using Twitter during their searches, we created a number of questions from our audience. […]

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Low Nevada Unemployment and its Effect on Recruiting

A wave of positive energy is vibrating through Nevada as unemployment reached a low of 5.8% in September. Nevada now ranks second in the country in terms of job growth. Nevada governor Brian Sandoval, praised the state for regaining more than the 186,000 jobs it lost in the recession. Overall, the entirety of the job […]

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Employee Retention: Tips and Tricks

Losing a key employee sucks.  It’s expensive and it’s a time drain. […]

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Is your candidate worth his or her salt? 2 minutes to help effectively vet your candidates’ professional references.

You’re watching payroll dollars like a hawk. Before committing to add a new person to your roster you interview them multiple times and believe you have identified your next superstar. Time to check references. Properly vetting your candidates can give you added confidence before signing off on your candidate’s offer letter

Originally the term ‘to vet’ was applied […]

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How to Hire Top Talent on a Budget

Your startup needs great talent if it’s going to succeed, but that doesn’t mean you have the bankroll to fund the salaries top-talent commands. How can you get the candidates you need to turn down higher offers from more established companies? Consider offering incentives your competitors may not have considered. Even the most highly-sought after candidates may be willing to consider a pay cut for great benefits and a company they believe in. […]

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How to Focus Your Recruiting Strategy on Passive Candidates–and Why You Need to

The old adage “anything is for sale at the right price” may not apply to precious family heirlooms, but it almost always applies to employees. Most of your applicants know they are for sale—they are actively looking for work, which usually means they are either not happy at their last (or current) job, or their previous employer was not happy with their performance, which could mean bad news for you out of the starting gate. […]

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How to Hire Like a Jedi Master

For you Star Wars fans out there…

Remember the scene in Episode II (Attack of the Clones) with all of the clones lined-up ready to be delivered to the Republic for their war?

Think about how this relates to your hiring. All of the clones came from one source – Jango Fett, a Mandalorian bounty hunter. He […]

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How (and Why) To Use Social Media in Your Recruiting Process

Professional use of social media has skyrocketed in recent years. Gone are the days when employers could simply ban Facebook on work computers and forget about it. If you want to stay ahead of the ball in recruiting and talent development, you need to be using all the best tools in your arsenal, and that […]

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Are You Fishing for Talent with an Unbaited Hook?

Would you fish with an unbaited hook and expect to catch a prize-winner? Of course not.

So as a person responsible for team-building, are you trying to reel in game-changing talent using a naked hook left to rust in a muddy pool?

In last week’s post (Available Here) we focused on the importance of assembling a strong, […]

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