Would you fish with an unbaited hook and expect to catch a prize-winner? Of course not.

So as a person responsible for team-building, are you trying to reel in game-changing talent using a naked hook left to rust in a muddy pool?

In last week’s post (Available Here) we focused on the importance of assembling a strong, engaged team of talent in order for an organization to achieve high levels of success. Top talent is highly educated, creative, likes a challenge and is often hard to ‘hook’. Attracting this type of talent requires a candidate marketing strategy that is well thought-out and well-executed.

Business leaders recognize the need for a strategic plan to market their products and services to potential customers, but often fail to spend similar amounts of energy and resources on a ‘candidate’ marketing strategy. The roadmap to attract top-tier talent needs to encompass more than simply posting a boring job description on a free job board. Developing a goal-oriented hiring plan is a must.

Making a list of ‘Why People Work Here’ for your organization is a great starter exercise for small businesses as part of developing hiring stratagem. If the list is short or (heavens!) non-existent, make changes in your organization and then market, market, market your company’s cultural and benefit trends. An organization’s complete hiring plan must start prior to first engagement with a candidate and continue well after onboarding is finished. Recruiting and retention are vital to your business success.

Even without an open position, dynamic organizations are always on the hunt for the next superstar!

Now, let’s get fishing!