Susan Moreno was re-elected to her position on NCET’s board!

Happy Friday! What a great morning to share with you that our CEO, Susan Moreno was re-elected to her position on NCET’s board! Click here to read more -> https://www.nevadabusiness.com/2017/11/masterpool-moreno-williams-re-elected-to-positions-on-ncets-board/

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NCET Tech Tips: Attracting tech talent takes more than free bagels

NCET explores business and technology

By all accounts the tech sector in Northern Nevada is booming, and just as the floodgates on our beloved Truckee River are wide open, so are the floodgates on local hiring. Recent reports cite hiring “sprees” and point to a worsening labor crunch. As local businesses replace talent or hire for expansion in […]

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How Twitter Has Changed the Recruiting Game

In a recent presentation, CVirtual went over social media and how it is benefiting the recruiting industry. When we brought up that 40% of job seekers are using Twitter during their searches, we created a number of questions from our audience. […]

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Low Nevada Unemployment and its Effect on Recruiting

A wave of positive energy is vibrating through Nevada as unemployment reached a low of 5.8% in September. Nevada now ranks second in the country in terms of job growth. Nevada governor Brian Sandoval, praised the state for regaining more than the 186,000 jobs it lost in the recession. Overall, the entirety of the job […]

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Tips to Hit a Home Run in Your Job Search

“Every strike brings me closer to the next home run”   – Babe Ruth

Babe Ruth knew it.  The Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians have shown that they know it. […]

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Employee Retention: Tips and Tricks

Losing a key employee sucks.  It’s expensive and it’s a time drain. […]

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Independence Day & Hiring

Ready for Independence Day?  On July 4th we’ll celebrate 240 years of American Independence but as a Hiring Manager are you ready for your very own Independence Day?

Are you ready to be free from hiring hassles including identifying candidates, calling, emailing, scheduling, leaving voicemails, calling, emailing (again!), scheduling, calling, re-scheduling, phone-screening, calling, leaving (yet another) […]

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Is your candidate worth his or her salt? 2 minutes to help effectively vet your candidates’ professional references.

You’re watching payroll dollars like a hawk. Before committing to add a new person to your roster you interview them multiple times and believe you have identified your next superstar. Time to check references. Properly vetting your candidates can give you added confidence before signing off on your candidate’s offer letter

Originally the term ‘to vet’ was applied […]

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“Can’t make the deadline. Sorry.’

Ever heard that? […]

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Is Your Team Ready to Win the Stanley Cup?

With the 2016 Stanley Cup playoff season well underway, now seems like a perfect time to reflect on how we might apply a few ice hockey principles to our ‘best business practices’. In ice hockey as in all championship sports, in order to remain competitive, teams must remain full, strong and engaged. […]

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