In a recent presentation, CVirtual went over social media and how it is benefiting the recruiting industry. When we brought up that 40% of job seekers are using Twitter during their searches, we created a number of questions from our audience.

Twitter is being used by a number of Fortune 500 companies, including Disney and Walmart, specifically for recruiting. Recruiters need to think of Twitter as a free recruiting tool for sourcing, branding, engaging and marketing. In today’s blog, I’ll share why you should be using Twitter in your recruiting strategy, how to use it and how candidates are using it for their job searches.

Why You Should Be Using Twitter

First and foremost, Twitter is free. You can set up an account and post as much as you’d like, at no charge. For no additional cost you can also find new talent, follow up with candidates after interviews, share job postings, promote your brand and company culture, message followers and incorporate your current employees into your campaigns.

Secondly, more job openings are posted on Twitter than any other social media platform. That most likely means your competition is already doing it. So why shouldn’t you? And with 40% of today’s job seekers already on there, there’s no reason why they should be missing your openings.

How You Can Use Twitter for Recruiting

As I mentioned above, there are a number of ways to incorporate Twitter into your recruiting strategy, but let’s focus on four: sourcing, hashtags, job postings and selling your company culture.


Twitter is an awesome platform for recruiters to identify, interact and engage with candidates before they even apply to your job. For example, let’s say you are looking to a hire a new iOS Developer. If you get onto Twitter and search “#iOS” or “#iOSDeveloper” or “#iOSjobs” the results are going to bring up a list of Tweets that include those hashtags. These are from users interested in those topics. Check out the image below, these are the results I found this morning:

CVirtual-How Twitter Has Changed the Recruiting Game-Hashtag

Recruiters can use hashtags like these to engage with users that are interested or experts in that field or topic. It’s also just a great tool to use for social recruiting – learn more about candidates before you bring them in.


78% of Fortune 500 recruiting tweets contain a hashtag. Hashtags are a great way to get your posts found by the right audience. For example, I frequently use #TechJobs or #NevadaJobs in my postings. These hashtags place my posts into categories that can be easily searched for through Twitter’s network, reaching candidates that are looking for those terms.
CVirtual-How Twitter Has Changed the Recruiting Game

Job Postings

The easiest way to share your job openings is to create a post on Twitter. By writing up a post, your followers will see that you have new opportunities, and then they can choose to follow up with it. Even if one of your followers isn’t interested in that specific job they have the option to retweet it to show their followers. And! If they are really interested in your company, your followers might just visit your website to see if you are hiring for other positions.

Make sure your Tweet for a job post includes:

    – Job Title
    – Link to More Information/Application
    – An Image*
    – Hashtags

*An image is not a requirement for a Tweet, but your post will more noticeable in a list if there is an eye catching graphic to accompany it.

Selling Your Company Culture

Your Twitter feed should not just be a list of all your job openings. It should also include Tweets featuring information about your company culture. Images of work outings, lunches, meetings, or even information about your new conference room TV! If your business is a fun place to work, let the Twitter world know. This will make seekers want to follow your account to keep up on the latest openings.
CVirtual-How Twitter Has Changed the Recruiting Game

How Candidates Are Using Twitter for Job Searches

Still not convinced that Twitter can be used for recruiting? I found a few statistics on how job seekers are using Twitter:

    – 55% are following companies
    – 34% are applying for tweeted job postings
    – 76% looking at company profiles for opportunities
    – 33% are using Twitter to communicate with companies and recruiters

Job seekers are on Twitter. You should be, too.

Many recruiters have been slow to embrace Twitter and all its features. If you can incorporate Twitter into your recruiting strategy and use it effectively, it will be another way to successfully build your own brand and find a new pool of talent.

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Thanks for reading!
Caitlin Stewart
Sales Campaign Manager