Ready for Independence Day?  On July 4th we’ll celebrate 240 years of American Independence but as a Hiring Manager are you ready for your very own Independence Day?

Are you ready to be free from hiring hassles including identifying candidates, calling, emailing, scheduling, leaving voicemails, calling, emailing (again!), scheduling, calling, re-scheduling, phone-screening, calling, leaving (yet another) voicemail, texting and re-scheduling candidates over and over again?

Recruiting top talent for your organization can be very time-consuming and labor-intensive.  Why not outsource your recruiting to CVirtual who will task an entire team to further your unique hiring goals? When it comes to outsourcing your recruiting needs, we’re here to help.   How many hours and how much frustration can we save you today?  Just imagine how independent you’ll feel knowing you have an entire team backing you up AND by using CVirtual’s proprietary video-interviewing platform, you’ll never again suffer through an in-person interview with the wrong candidate.

Give us a jingle today 775.200.0550 and spend your 4th worrying about re-applying sunscreen, grillin’ the hot dogs and keeping the lemonade flowing.

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