“Every strike brings me closer to the next home run”   – Babe Ruth

Babe Ruth knew it.  The Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians have shown that they know it.

Practice + Persistence + Polish = Top Performance.  Are you taking the same approach to your job search?

As a job seeker, you may find the task of job hunting tedious, daunting, discouraging or most likely; all of the above. You have spent time poring over your resume, making sure that it is the best it can possibly be and you have filled out what seems like hundreds of online job applications. You have searched for positions you dream of and at which you know you would excel. In desperation, you have even sent a resume for a role you have no clue about. To what avail? Many potential employers never email back, never call to schedule to meet with you or never even acknowledge receipt of your resume. It feels like you are sending your resume into the vast ‘black hole’ of cyberspace where it will never be seen or heard from again.

How to stop the madness? 

Taking a methodical, organized approach to your job search is critical to staying motivated and finding the elusive ‘dream job’. Start with a plan. Are you using free job tracking software? No? Download it now. There are many excellent versions (feel free to email us for recommendations).

Schedule, schedule, schedule, set goals and analyze progress.

If you were managing an employee whose job it was to find YOU a job using their 40 hours a week, what would your expectations be of that employee? Are you living up to the expectations you would set for a person who reported directly to you? Are you putting in a solid 40 hours? 20 or less? Fix that. You are a performance-based operation. Get up and get dressed for your search. You deserve to work hard for yourself. Looking for a job in jammies during commercial breaks of morning television is NOT the way to win the game.

Break down your search into manageable pieces and take a bite at a time.

Determine how much of your day will be spent on sending resumes, networking, making calls and honing skills. Are you practicing your job-interviewing skills? Have you tried practicing on video? This is not a game of hopscotch you’re preparing for: it’s your own World Series.

Use positive motivational images. 

As simple as a new outfit or as grand as a brand new car, post motivational pictures near your workstation. Use graphs and charts. If your goal is to apply to 20 jobs per week, then every day you know you must submit 4 resumes or applications. If by the end of the week, you did not hit 100% of your goal, hold yourself accountable. Was the goal too aggressive or did you simply not stick to plan?  Not peak performance? Fix that. Be honest with yourself. If you can only perform at 20% in your job search, how will you give 100% on the job?

Keep going. The campaign to market yourself is not unlike sales campaigns used by large organizations to market their products and services. Successes come from focused, targeted efforts. There are no short-cuts. Persevere and celebrate little victories along the way. Make the process enjoyable. You are the team, coach and cheerleading squad. Play like you’re in the Majors and success will be yours.

Interested in learning more about how to make your job search more successful?